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Conceptual, creative and tactical interactions
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About Poper

At Studio Poper, we create concepts, strategies and tools aimed at resolving communication problems. In today's world, even the best of products, new and interesting services as well as significant initiatives can't penetrate unless they are seen, heard or noticed. In the flood of noises, stimuli and in particular high-budget advertising messages, which are characteristic of oversaturated media and public sphere, there is a huge problem as to where and how to address those that we want to reach. Thus the basis of all our communication is a well-considered and strong concept, a fresh message and the use of the most suitable communication channels on a case-to-case basis.

Our basic tools include the following: expertise, know-how, imagination, sense, energy, emotions, stories and new technologies. Together with a pinch of pepper, of course.

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20. 10. 2011 - Maja gave a lecture on Interventions in public space at the international conference which was part of the project (Re)collecting Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - Urbani Imaginarij.
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: Openwear web platform now online
06. 7. 2011 - For anyone who is interested in the future of clothing production: check out the beta version of our collaborative clothing platform here:
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: News- what we are up to?
09. 12. 2010 - We have been very busy in the past months and therefore not so active on our own English web site.
But there is a lot to say.
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