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Conceptual, creative and tactical interactions
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Health Communication Centre

The Health Communication Centre communicates and establishes guidelines in the field of public health and the promotion of healthy living. In our view, health and medical services are considered a public good, and as such they are not instrumentalized nor advertised as a market commodity.

The Centre collaborates with the public sector and reinforces the accomplishment of its objectives through various health-related campaigns involving target audiences through a dialogue, and consequently their views, perspectives and suggestions. This promotes better understanding, as well as facilitates choice between the many and quite often even contradictory recommendations articulated by commercial manufacturers and argued by the medical community. Such health communication provides individuals an opportunity to internalise information and employ best practice in their everyday lives, to the maximum possible degree.

Through inclusive communication practices, built from the bottom upwards, the Health Communication Centre contributes to the improvement and acceptability of health recommendations, and therefore to the improvement of the health of the population at large.

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20. 10. 2011 - Maja gave a lecture on Interventions in public space at the international conference which was part of the project (Re)collecting Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - Urbani Imaginarij.
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: Openwear web platform now online
06. 7. 2011 - For anyone who is interested in the future of clothing production: check out the beta version of our collaborative clothing platform here:
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: News- what we are up to?
09. 12. 2010 - We have been very busy in the past months and therefore not so active on our own English web site.
But there is a lot to say.
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