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Silly Antiterminal Coffee Cup Collection

The planned construction of an oil terminal in the Bay of Trieste with its long-term problems of environmental pollution and militarisation t (for a variety of safety reasons) poses an enormous challenge to the public. Indeed, the fact that this is a commercial project with vast international and political dimensions is the reason that we have decided to get involved.

Ricardo Illy, an executive of the Illy Coffee Company, is one of the principal leaders of the environmentally controversial project for the construction of an oil terminal in the Bay of Trieste. This is despite the fact that the Illy Company cultivates the public image of an environmentally safe commercial entity.

The Slovenian creative elite is launching an artistic project with the intention of expressing their opposition to the terminal. It is called ANTI-TERMINAL and is a collection of protest coffee cups.

Similar initiatives have been very effective in other countries. Projects that unite artists and other creative professionals emerge spontaneously at crucial moments that call for the moral and ethical dimensions, as well as communications potential, that these professions have in abundant supply.

The series of six coffee cups designed by six well-known Slovenian designers and artists exposes the hypocrisy of Illy’s engagement in and promotion of an anti-environmental project when the stated business policy of the company is to be environmentally responsible, if not environmentally proactive.

This is a classic example of a gross mismatch between public image and the actual facts, which is a pervasive problem in the corporate world, and one that our project’s goal is to expose.

The ANTI-TERMINAL team is- Design: Matev� Medja (1), Radovan Jenko (2), Sa�a Kerko� (3), Petja Montanez and Klemen Selan (4), Tanja Rade� (5), Zora Stani�i� (6) and Concept: Maja Hawlina and Oliver Vodeb (Peppermind) + Weblog: Lovro �itnik (Peppermind)

Visit the web log, the campaign's central communication tool.

Would Mr. Illy grasp his mistake if we were to stop drinking Illy coffee?



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