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Conceptual, creative and tactical interactions
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Communication problem: How to communicate efficiently a delicate problem, that has been polarizing the Slovenian public for sixteen years and at the same time to make public sensitive to this human issue in uniting and un-political fashion?

Key words: public space culture, intercultural dialogue, city as capital of cultural, rearticulation of the Erased problem, intimate stories, image in service of content, cross-sectorial collaboration

Partners: Studio Poper, Municipality of Ljubljana, Peace Institute, Amnesty International Slovenia

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20. 10. 2011 - Maja gave a lecture on Interventions in public space at the international conference which was part of the project (Re)collecting Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - Urbani Imaginarij.
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: Openwear web platform now online
06. 7. 2011 - For anyone who is interested in the future of clothing production: check out the beta version of our collaborative clothing platform here:
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: News- what we are up to?
09. 12. 2010 - We have been very busy in the past months and therefore not so active on our own English web site.
But there is a lot to say.
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