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Conceptual, creative and tactical interactions
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21. 10. 2009 - Socially Responsive Designer
That's the title for the lecture i will prepare for the Conference in Mainz i have been invited to. I would like to hear your opinion. If you have any thoughts on what might be interesting to high-lite in the perspective of self image of "the communication designer and his role in society", let me know and we will discuss it. Oliver (oliver at

translations 03: authorship in design – autorschaft im design


November 20 and 21, 2009 / Symposium of the Master Program Gutenberg Intermedia / University of Applied Sciences Mainz


The third international translations-symposium under the heading »authorship in design - autorschaft im design« is concerned with the self image of the communication designer and his role in society.

The much discussed authorship in design marks a growing concern about self consciousness and responsibility in this discipline. The great attraction and the tempting possibilities of communication design compel us – in view of a global crisis concerning mutual trust and credibility – to form a stronger bond with its contents and to critically reflect on our own work. At the same time there are new fields of work opening up for the designer as an author, reaching far beyond the classic understanding of graphic design.

The symposium aims at highlighting the designer as a responsible co-author and as a visual author of contents. We have invited internationally renowned designers, as well as artists and specialists for design theory, to talk about the different aspects of this field, discuss them and give insights into design practice.

The following five kinds of authorship in communication design will be discussed:

* The designer as a visual explorer
* The designer as a meaningful narrator
* The designer as a developer of intermedial “tools”
* The designer as a social critic
* The design theorist

When and where are these forms of authorship needed? What are their consequences concerning the relationship between client and designer? What are the consequences of this discussion for the classic picture of the communication designer? What are the resulting requirements for practical work and training?

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20. 10. 2011 - Maja gave a lecture on Interventions in public space at the international conference which was part of the project (Re)collecting Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - Urbani Imaginarij.
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: Openwear web platform now online
06. 7. 2011 - For anyone who is interested in the future of clothing production: check out the beta version of our collaborative clothing platform here:
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: News- what we are up to?
09. 12. 2010 - We have been very busy in the past months and therefore not so active on our own English web site.
But there is a lot to say.
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