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Konceptualne, kreativne in taktične interakcije
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No peace. Only searching.

The campaign ”NO PEACE. ONLY SEARCHING – The 25th Year of the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU)” demanded a communication approach that reflected the research of one of the most important scientific research institutions in the region.

Using the windows of the ZRC buildings in Ljubljana and Postojna, Poper Studio has conceptualized and designed a communication intervention,. This intervention is simultaneously a monument and a gift to the two cities and their passers-by at the celebration of ZRC's 25th anniversary. The message “No peace. Only searching.” sums up the quarter of a century long history of ZRC's creativity.

This way “NO PEACE. ONLY SEARCHING” expresses a typical split between two extremes: amidst the constant restlessness that accompanies the search for original solutions, new insights, and hidden meanings, all researchers wish for, above all, peace. Peace in the kind of time and society to be able to present their findings as freely as possible] It reveals the often untenable yet necessary tension between knowledge and imagination, both necessary for any new realization.
The intervention was conceived of as a link between the urban architectural buildings and the square as the public meeting place of people and opinions. In this way, it joins the communication of the client's needs with social commentary.



30. 6. 2015 - Maja sodeluje na konferenci Fragments of Empire collaborative Futures, ki ga organizira dunajska Akademija za uporabne umetnosti. Naslov njenega predavanja je Race for the Participation/The ambiguities of participatory practices in EU policie.
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27. 11. 2014 - Dvoumnost participatornih praks v umetnosti, kulturi in nevladnem sektorju

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04. 9. 2014 - Intervju za RTV SLO - MMC
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